Hindu Yuva Vahini thrash men in UP alleging ‘love jihad’

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In another daring incident of alleged ‘Love Jihad’, some Hindu Yuva Vahini workers thrashed three men in Baghpat court premises.

Three men, accompanied by a woman, had come from Punjab to perform a court marriage between the woman and one of the men.

Upon getting to know that the men belonged from a different community, the Hindu Yuva Vahini caught them at the lawyer’s chamber itself and beat them up.

The ‘district minister’ of Hindu Yuva Vahini, Roopak Kumar alleged ‘love jihad’ and said they are going to file an FIR against the men, while the district vice president, Kuldeep Thakur added on to the allegation saying that the case had links with Kashmir.

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Meanwhile, the district head of Durga Vahini alleged that the woman was brought to be sold after her religious conversion.

Police soon reached the spot and after rescuing the trio from the angry workers took them away in a jeep.

The four people had allegedly run away from Punjab and a case was registered against them in Barnala. However, Baghpat Police did not label it as a case of ‘love jihad’.

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“It is too early to comment on what exactly happened, we are probing the whole incident, everything should not be linked to ‘love jihad’,”  said Jayprakash Singh, SP Baghpat.

Baghpat Police has conveyed the information to Punjab police, and a police team is to reach the city soon.

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