Another ‘Manjhi’: Odisha man carves mountains to send kids to school

Manjhi, Odisha, Mountain man, Jalandhar Nayak, Dasrath Manjhi
Another 'Manjhi': Odisha man carves mountains to send kids to school

India is witnessing another ‘mountain man’ years after Bihar’s ‘mountain man’ Dasrath Manjhi.

Odisha’s Jalandhar Nayak has become an inspiring name in the Kandhamal district for moving mountains single-handedly to construct an 8 km long road.

Nayak worked for eight hours every day for two years to construct the road which connected his village Gumsahi with the main road in Phulbani town of Odisha’s Kandhamal district.

Nayak took the step so that his children could easily cross the road to reach school in the town

Meanwhile, S K Jena, the Block Development Officer (BDO), assured that he would provide all the facilities to Nayak.

“It is almost an inhabitable area where he lives, we had earlier invited him to come and live in the city but he refused. Our support is there for him, whether he will be felicitated or not has not been decided yet,” he added.

Nayak, a vegetable seller, said that he never had access to education and seeing his children suffer in crossing the area forced him to take this step and clear the hillocks to make a pathway.

His family is the only one residing in the area as rest of the people living in the village had shifted to other places because of the difficult terrain.


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