Top five must visit places with best ambience in Mumbai

It is definite that people look at the interiors of the restaurants they go and then decide if they want to eat there or not. A lot of efforts and innovation goes into creating the best of the interiors of a place. Interior lighting and decoration always adds up to the ambiance of a place and it gives a really good impression on the people.

So let’s have a look at Mumbai’s best-looking restaurants to the date:

1. Pranzi, Khar

Located in Khar, West this place has their signature sizzler festivals and delicious desserts, their interiors are something of a conversation-starter. The dining and the sheesha area are equally beautiful.

2. Taj Mahal Tea House, Bandra

Their interiors are worth having a look at and a reason you would visit here. Sipping the cup of chai, you’ll be awestruck by the beauty it is. The combination of vintage walls and tiles make it a really cool place to read a book or catch up with a friend.

3. Arth, Bandra

Most certainly our favourite spot this monsoon!

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This place is really elegant and classic, the food here is really exquisite and a must visit.

4. Tasting Room, Lower Parel

The tasting room is a popular spot, to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It is a must visit for people who love choosing places with good ambiance and food.

5. The Table, Colaba

This place is a definite visit!!!


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