‘The Reputation of Indian judiciary has been damaged,’ feels legal eagles

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'The Reputation of Indian judiciary has been damaged,' feels legal eagles

New Delhi: In what could be a sad day for Indian Judiciary, in an unprecedented move, four senior judges of the Supreme Court highlighted the discrepancies and anomalies in the Indian Judicial System, through a letter to the Chief Justice of India.

The letter was made public in a press conference highlighting the issues with the administration in the apex court raising questions on the primary rule of trust and faith in the way cases are assigned to benches.

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“In my opinion, I didn’t expect this (Four Judges holding press conference) to happen. I’m not saying they were wrong but the way they did was not required at the moment,” senior lawyer Pradeep Rai.

“Instead, they should have first met the President,” Rai added.

This is indeed a serious allegation on the working of the Supreme Court that has been highlighted by them and put the position of the current Chief Justice of India in jeopardy.

NewsMobile talked to some of the senior lawyers to the insights of the gravity of the situation that puts the supreme server of the justice surrounded by questions.

“The whole episode had been contentious. On the one hand, I feel that the judiciary has now cut off with politics,” senior lawyer Sameer Jain said.

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“While on the other hand judiciary being working closely for a long time, it has now opened to all,” Jain added

On being asked whether it will affect the faith of common people on the judiciary, Jain said: “It will certainly change the perception of the people.” “If these four judges couldn’t get justice then where are we.”

“The whole episode has demolished the reputation of the Indian Judiciary,” Pradeep Rai said.


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