Anurag Kashyap wins this round with multiple punches in one go

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Anurag Kashyap wins this round with multiple punches in one go
Mukkabaaz is a social drama cum love story cum sports movie with an underdog angle. Shravan, a small town boy from a poor background is a boxer and aspires to make it big. But he is not ready to bow to the local political badman who happens to a boxing federation biggie. To make matters worse he falls in love with the niece of this upper caste bigwig. If and how he overcomes all the hurdles to achieve his ambitions and love is what the story is about.
The story gets a treatment that is full on Anurag Kashyap style. Its based in Bareilly and Banaras.The ensemble cast, the real locations and the dialogues in all their vernacular glory are the three best things amongst many others.
The movie has been co written by Anurag Kashyap and Vineet Kumar Singh and few others.
In what I would say is a remarkable feat , the film packs a lot many punches while maintaining the love story as a central focus.
The pathetic state of affairs and corruption in sports federations is something that has been highlighted in many movies but probably manages to just entertain rather than shame the concerned departments.The sordid double edged apathy that aspiring sportspersons face from the federation and their families has been highlighted here without making it too heavy.
The deplorable caste biases that plague the society and hooliganism in the name of religion have been shown in a very sarcastic and subtle manner.
Only some brilliant writing and treatment like this can accomplish the amalgamation of so many messages without making a mess of it while still keeping the story entertaining. The only flip side, which might be considered by some, is the long length of the movie. But many like me might not mind that at all. When it comes to my favourite film makers , its “ more the merrier “ for me.
As I mentioned before, AK’s movies’ ensemble cast is his strongest point. The casting is by none other than Mukesh Chhabra who has virtually redefined the job of casting in Hindi cinema.
Each actor seems almost like belonging to the set up. Vineet Kumar Singh (seen in GOW and Bombay Talkies) does a brilliant job as Shravan. Zoya Hussain as spunky but speech impaired Sunaina shines. Jimmy Shergill as the baddie Bhagwan Das was good. Ravi Kishan in his small role as the good coach was great. And so were so many of the side cast actors.
The dialogues were definitely the star. A new style of overlapping dialogues made us race our mind to absorb the parallel set being spoken by the actors and being spoken in background. Not a sentence was worth missing. They not only added humour but also the sarcastic punches whenever required. They also prevented the things getting too heavy considering AK’s natural tilt towards grim when it comes to presenting harsh facts.
The music( Rachita Arora and Vineet Kumar Singh ) was perfectly in sync with the small town feel of the story. The lyrics were absolutely awesome( Hussain Haidry and Vineet Kumar Singh).They were rustic and strongly conveyed the message of the story and its parts.
For the cine lovers and AK fans, the movie is a treat and a must watch for those who have a taste for such realistic cinema. Just like most of AK movies, its quirky, its harsh but with a dash of humour. Amongst many reasons to watch this one , don’t forget the fine set of actors,its real locations and its perfect diction & dialogues .
And a big clap for Vineet Kumar Singh who has done so well as an actor, writer, lyricist, and musician. Big thanks to AK for backing up talents like this.
Score 8 on 10


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