This is how the futuristic ‘flying taxi’ will look like

This is how the futuristic 'flying taxi' will look like

With Aero technology set to bring a revolution in transportation, US-based aerospace company Bell Helicopter has dropped the curtain to unveil its 4-seater flying electric taxi at CES 2018 which it plans to supply to Uber for robotic flights in 2020.

Bell only debuted the air taxi cabin without any wings or propellers.

The full-sized version is expected to have a gas turbine to power an electric generator with a range of 241 km.

“We’re just keeping our particular propulsion system in configuration to ourselves right now, to keep our competition on their on their heels,” Bell’s director of innovation, Scott Drennen said.

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In an effort to highlight the passenger experience, Bell just brought the cabin at CES 2018. It plans to unveil the entire vehicle, complete with rotors and powertrain, at a later date.

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