4 questions you must ask yourself regarding your career growth in 2017

As we welcome the New Year 2018, we tend to think what we have achieved in the past 12 months that could change our career or make it more secure. Did everything you hoped for in your career come true in 2017? Or Are you unhappy with how the last year went by? If so, is there any changes you feel might make you happy, now is the time to decide what they are. Reflect on your career growth this year and understand the progress you want to make.

What do you intend to accomplish in your career this year?

Although you may have not or have accomplished little last year, what do you set goals for your career this year? It could be as simple as updating your resume or getting one byline or could be much bigger like landing your dream job role.

What you need to ask yourself is that how long have you spent on developing your career last year. Did you go through the motions every day like a repetitive routine or did you actually try taking any step up on the career ladder?

Were you happy with your job?

It’s quite natural that if you are in a job you do not love doing then it will be stressful to you to some extent. So ask yourself that if you really are passionate about your job role and enjoy working where you are now. If not, you should ask yourself what makes you unhappy. Should you find what is stressing you, you can then work on changing it. This could mean working on a different project, in a different team, or a different job altogether. Little changes can go a long way!

Is there any decision from last year you want to change?

Though you can’t change anything that has happened or the decision you had taken, you can surely realize which of your decision or actions could be changed for a better outcome. If you don’t do that you would never improve. So, ask yourself about your regrets.

Recognise your mistakes and the opportunities you might have missed, and make sure you do not repeat them this year or years to come.

Did your skills improve since last year?

Every one of us has one or more skills and has different skill sets which makes us unique. All we have to do is hone our skills. So ask yourself- Am I better skilled now than I was last year? Many even take certificate courses and other skill tests to upgrade their skills for their work. You can do it too. You can attend workshops or seminars in your areas of interest to keep abreast of the changes taking place in the industry.



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