Confused about the location of your next vacation? Head to Bali for a serene and cherished one!

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Confused about the location of your next vacation? Head to Bali for a serene and cherished one!

Just 2.5 hours ahead of India, according to time zones, Bali makes up for one of the top travel destinations in today’s times.

It is extremely travel friendly and its varied locations that are situated nearby one another,make Bali a more rejuvenating destination. The fresh air, the ocean vibes, the party spirit and the serenity, all add up to it being ideal for your next vacation.

Vacations, are supposed to be both, to witness uniqueness of the destination and to relax and here is a travel guide for the ones that wish to do both of them.

The very first place to visit is The Rock Bar, Nusa Dua.

It is located inside a lavish hotel and even the ones that are not guests to the hotel can visit this breathtaking location. It faces the ocean and is named The Rock Bar as there is a huge rock placed in the midst and is the main attraction. While the cocktails are to die for, even a Mojito would do wonders to your soul.

Even though, it might rain at any time but still for rock bar anyone would be ready to sit and relax in the rain. Keep a Rock my World Cocktail in your hand and forget all the stress that surrounds us all.

Ocean Walking or Scuba Diving

You might be afraid of the ocean or swimming, so can opt for the Ocean Walk. They provide you with a helmet and it helps you breath underwater, while giving sights that you wouldn’t wish to miss. Do get pictures clicked as well as it will be extremely ideal.

While for the ones that are up for Scuba Diving, definitely go for it! It makes you confident and the instructors are so well trained that even they will help you overcome any fear, just make sure they are PADI qualified, else look for some other institute and don’t go through locals as it might not be the safest option.

Ubud market

The antiques and goodies that will be available at Ubud will definitely make you buy them all as it is quiet cheap but at the same time are of a good quality. Don’t forget to bargain your life out as they claim sky rocketing prices but will even adjust with a penny. You will find wall hangings to art to coasters and crockery to souvenirs, each and everything here. In the market there is a cafe, Milk and Mudu, that offers some of the best Italian food but when in Bali, you should taste Indonesian food as well and NaniYang is quiet popular throughout but you could choose the dish of your choice and it is a guarantee that it won’t disappoint you.


When you decide to party, party like how Seminyak does! With travelling through scooty to dancing like you have forgotten the world, it indeed is worth a visit!

Do choose a hotel or a resort in or around the market and cafes as that’s where there is life and that is what will make your trip worth it all. Also, in Seminyak is the Restaurant, Potato Heads, it offers both Indonesian as well as Western food options bt its location that is right next to the beach and the liveliness of that place will surely make your trip here worth a while.

Do make sure that you’re prepared to spend lakhs as the Indonesian Currency, i.e, Rupaiya. 1 lakh Rupaiya = INR 440

Bali also has several temples to offer and they are indeed breathtakingly stunning, its your choice if you would visit it or not but they definitely are worth a visit. One of the temples even depicts Ramayana and it does make us all a fan of how well they are able to depict it.

Plan your next vacation in Bali and choose comfort, serenity as well as luxury all together right here in the heart of Indonesia.







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