How to be one up on flight delays due to fog – handy tips to save the day

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How to be one up on transport delays due to fog; handy tips to save the day!

It is the start of the new year and as is usual at this time, fog has messed up visibility and flight schedules across the country. On 31st of December 2017, Delhi witnessed over 270 flight delays, 50 diversion and 35 cancellations. This obviously had a cascading effect across flight networks in India. What was earlier just a north India phenomenon has now engulfed airports such as Bengaluru too.

So, what are some ways in which we can address this out-of-hands situation? Stay ahead of inconveniencing yourself and have a secondary plan in place. Lets have a look.

Be wise while planning a trip

Try and avoid North India as much as you can. But if it is essential to travel and you must get there, then try going in advance. This ensures that you have enough time to deal with fog delays, if any. Don’t forget to add travel insurance as it comes handy in long delays and unforeseen situations.

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Check before you leave

Run a customary check on the status of your flight. Check the websites, Twitter handle, ensure you get status updates via messages. You can also check the position of your plane on websites and apps such as FlightAware or FlightRadar24. Airlines file the tail numbers of the plane that a flight will be operated ahead of time, so you can track the plane to see if it is delayed on its way to your airport.

At the airport

If you find yourselves stuck in a weather delay, try and work out an alternative way to reach your destination. Airlines are usually good with re-booking passengers or combining flights to take you to your destination. However, later flights already have passengers of their own, so it may not be possible to accommodate everyone.

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The airlines will usually send everyone back to the booking counters at the airport for further assistance. But it helps if you know what your further course of action is. Websites such as ExpertFlyer show you an almost accurate availability of seats on various flights, which should make it easier for you to plan your next steps.

Also, if you buy travel insurance, it could pay for some of the costs you may incur waiting for the next flight. Most insurance policies for domestic flights offer you a reasonable compensation. Use this towards meals and lodging when your flight delay is six hours or more. You need to submit a claim form along with original receipts of spend and a certificate from the airline explaining the circumstances of the delay or cancellation of your flight along with the PNR and name of the guests.

Airlines often issue travel waivers, which allow you to change or cancel your plans free of cost if you are scheduled to travel under such circumstances. This ensures you don’t have a monetary loss due to the weather.

It may also help to wait in the lounge rather than in the common waiting area. Several credit cards provide the benefit of visiting an airport lounge complimentary to their members.

Use these ways to combat a foggy day at the airport! After all a troubled start is just what you want to avoid.


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