Indian start-up ecosystem on a growth path in 2018

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Indian start-up ecosystem on a growth path in 2018

New Delhi: India’s start-up eco-system has been growing at a rapid pace and has all the right ingredients to support the fast paced economic growth of the country. With an addition of 1000 start-ups in the year 2017, the start-ups have played a big role in the growth of the Indian economy, making it a major source of employment, innovation and industrialisation.

With the beginning of 2018, the Indian eco-system is flooded with innovative ideas and accelerated enthusiasm. While some of the start-ups have set foot in 2018 with big ticket funding plans and business expansion, some are focussed on taking their start-up game to the next level.

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Let’s look at four promising start-ups across sectors and their dreams in 2018.

i2ifunding, India’s second largest P2P lending platform plans to expand its business across the country, instead of focussing on metro cities. Raghvendra Pratap Singh, Co-founder of i2ifunding said, “We currently have investors from all across the country; however, borrowers are mainly from few metros. We are looking to expand to all major cities of India in the next couple of years. We are investing heavily in technology, and will be a technology driven platform which will help investors and borrowers transact easily. We are actively tying up with affiliates, financial advisors and trying to create network to bring customers through the offline market as well, which is huge with lot of potentials. In next couple of years, we would like to disburse at least INR 15-20 Cr every month with the overall loan book of more than INR 200 Crore.”

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Sumit Peer, Founder and CEO of Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been meticulously giving shape to his audacious dream of becoming the leader in high-end technology space, by providing consultative learning solutions for more than 500 technologies across 30 countries.

Sharing his vision for 2018, Sumit Peer said, “Aurelius, since its inception has always strived to enhance value creation by delivering innovative and reinvented consultative learning solutions to its clients.

In the year 2018, we are looking forward to improving more upon the value that our brand creates for the end customers. As we focus on the application side of technology, we will enhance our customization training programs, tailored to the diverse and specific requirements of companies. We will enhance our focus on L3 and above technology learning solutions across domains to enable the internal staff of companies (Aurelius’ clients) deliver their business in a better and seamless way.”

Aiming to disrupt the managed and co-working office space in a big way in 2018, Puneet Chandra, Founder and CEO of Skootr said, “Just like 2017, 2018 is expected to be a very rewarding year for the commercial real estate sector. Taking advantage of this, Skootr plans to launch 10-15 more co-working centres in 2018. We plan to become a leader in managed and co-working office space providing company in North India. Skootr shall be counted among the most prominent and sought-after commercial real estate players in the country, backed by the right funds. We will set the footprint in cities where the demand for managed and serviced office spaces is still not being met.”

Oleksandr Danylenko, Director of Operations and Finance, co-founder at boodmo said, “For 2018, boodmo will continue to focus on expansion and optimizing its services in the auto component marketplace. We plan to build on our storage capacity and sorting hubs, so that we could support up to 30,000 deliveries per month, reducing on the wait time for our customers, thereby enhancing the user experience. Delivery timeline is one of the main reasons why users head to the unorganised markets. More such hubs in the near future will help us create an organised automobile service industry where people can find best-suited automobile parts in just a few clicks.”


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