India rescues three Indian, seven Nepalese girls from Kenya

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New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday informed that three Indian and seven Nepalese girls have been rescued from Kenya.

Swaraj, in a series of tweets, said the girls were trafficked to Kenya and held captive in Mombasa, adding that their passport and phones were also taken.

“We have rescued three Indian girls from Kenya. The girls were victims of an organised crime syndicate that indulged in trafficking of girls. Seven Nepalese girls were also rescued. Their Passports and phones were taken and they were held captive in Mombasa”, she tweeted.

She further said that the girls were flown back to India and the details are being shared with the Punjab Government to take an appropriate action against the culprits.

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“We have flown our girls back to India. We are sharing details with Government of Punjab so that a case is registered against the agents and people involved,” she added.

This tweet indicates that the girls seemigly were trafficked by agents from Punjab.

The External Affairs Minister thanked the Kenyan Police and also appreciated the Indian authorities in Kenya for their efforts in rescuing the girls.

“I appreciate the efforts of Ms.Suchitra Durai, Indian High Commissioner in Kenya. Our First Secretary Karan Yadav deserves a special mention. We thank the Kenyan Police for their help,” said Swaraj in her third tweet.


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