New Year party ideas for kids

New Year party for kiddos is definitely a messy do. Whether it is for toddlers or under 10s, there’s bound to be gooey floors and cushions and a few cuts a bruises. At times one feels it is best to take the brood out for a romp rather than clean up the mess and broken crockery later.

However, no kid ever forgets the party that mamma threw for him. Needless to say that they make great memories and even better photographs.

So, chuck the themes this year and go for an activity-heavy New Year’s party for the babies.

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So, here’s what you can do to throw an ultimate kids party for New Year without breaking either your back or the bank.

Art Competition

Throw in a lot of activities to keep the munchkins engaged enough to not run amok. You can have an art or coloring competition to let them show off their skills with colors. Very few kids can resist the call of the crayons. You could string up all the art once submitted and hang them up on the wall. The kids will love the impromptu exhibition though you must hang it up a little high so they are unable to tear them down.

Tack the Tail

Remember the game, Tack the Tail on the Donkey? You just need a picture or sketch of a donkey with no tail. Make a mock tail (literally) with a velcro attached to it stick the other piece of velcro on the donkey’s butt. Now, call each kid and blindfold them, twirl them around and ask them to go fix the tail on the donkey. Laughter guaranteed.


All kids love to dance and what party is complete without dancing. So, keep an area clear of furniture and let them twirl and shimmy to Old MacDonald and other favorites. It will keep them happy for a long while.

PS: Please stay off Bollywood numbers and very fast track if you don’t want a riot in your parlor.

Kissing Booth

You can do up a kiddie version of kissing booth where the babies can get kissed on the cheeks by a mamma who is well liked by all of them. There’s bound to be several in the group.

Puppet Show

It would be nice if you can do it yourself using hand puppets but, if you can’t then experts are usually one click away these days. Let them tell well-known stories with which the kids have instant connect. It should be fun as most kids love listening to stories.

Story Telling

It can work both ways, if the kids are slightly older, you can have them come up and tell stories to the others. But, if they are a group of toddlers, have one of the moms to read out from the illustrated books. You can also use pictures to create a slide show that can be run while the story is being read.

Milk and Cookies

How can there be a kid’s party without milk and cookies? While cakes are overrated, milk and cookies are just what hyperactive babies need. So, chuck the candies and do a milk and cookie bar instead.

Return Gifts

Kids love opening presents as much as us. So, don’t forget to wrap some for them. You can pack into a small tube shaped cardboard or metal box, colors and other kiddie stationary and wrap a wrapper around it like a toffee. Label each with the names of the recipients. Wrap some activity books in a brown paper bag, stick the ends with scotch tapes and tie or paste a bow on top. Great gifting ideas could be, superhero or fairy-themed stickers, books, stationary, hair accessories for girls, balls and tops for boys.

Kids don’t know the price of things but, they get love so, don’t bother spending an earth and the moon for the party. Just ensure that there is a lot of laughter, hugs and cuddles to keep the munchkins shrieking with pleasure.

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