Trending New Year resolutions that are broken each year; the best of 2017

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Trending New Year resolutions that are broken each year; the best of 2017

Every year, one factor that most people around the world have in common is – taking new year resolutions.

It’s not about whether you take a new year pledge or not, but the fact that are you serious about fulfilling it. Is it really beneficial to you and to the people around you? Will it bring a significant change to the lifestyle that you already lead currently? Or is it plain simple procrastination – pushing something ahead under the garb of a new year resolution. If it is so important then why not begin now, in the present. It’s no wonder that 90% of all New Year’s resolutions fail 100% of the time.

So, what are these commonly broken New Year resolutions. Let’s have a look.

Spend more time with family

This is a popular goal that families keep for themselves. But as soon as holidays are over and everyone returns to their schedules and work life, this goal, unfortunately, returns to status quo.

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Quit Smoking

Fooling yourself into thinking that picking up a day will make you a changed person, is the reason why this fails for so many people. If a health goal like this is so critical, begin now.

Hit the Gym

There’s a reason why you can never find a spare tread mill post the new years’. There are people called the ‘January Joiners’, who have seemingly captured them. These are the people who join the gym every year swearing they’re going to start living healthier, lose weight and get in shape. It seems like a good idea for the first month or two. But soon, they realise that running on a treadmill is hard work. And there goes the resolve!

Start Diet

Dieting is always a top broken resolution that seems reasonable after a round full of holiday food. But beyond February, and the Mc Donald’s and desserts return to most plates across the world.

Learn Something New

Whether it’s learning a new language, how to cook or start a new venture, people tend to choose New Year’s as the time to begin. And that is the issue. Even if most people start committed, they generally lose fervour because of a simple reason – no clarity on what this ‘something new’ really is!

Change Careers

Always the best way to calm yourself down when you are stuck in a bad role or company. The question for this variety remains – do you really want to leave the job? Are you serious about looking out? If yes, then begin now. There is no optimum time as right now.

Pay off Debt

But then the new gadgets that get rolled out in the new year catch your attention, and the new car and a whole lot of other things come your way – this resolution disappears.

Drink Less

Drinking less always seems like a good idea on New Year’s Day when you wake up with a headache. But a few days down the week when friends call again, this resolution is one of the quickest to disappear off the radar.

Read More

But only when you sit down to read, the TV catches your attention. The series you have always been wanting to catch up is back for the last re-run. And there goes the pledge! The book returns to the coffee table and the television series returns. As it was last year.

Become a Better Person

Really!! Then why not be a better person now. Help others, involve yourself in charitable work and be a friendlier person. Maybe a new year is actually not required to start afresh!


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