This is how Christmas is celebrated around the globe

Austria, Krampus, Iceland, Yule Cats, Australia, Kangaroo, Japan, KFC, Venezuela, Canada, Jannying, India
Austria, Krampus, Iceland, Yule Cats, Australia, Kangaroo, Japan, KFC, Venezuela, Canada, Jannying, India



While people wait for Santa in Christmas, people of Austria gather in Hollabrunn Market Square to be terrified by ‘Krampus’ the devil Santa. German folklore states Krampus is there to punish naughty children.



The Icelandic people talk about a devil version of cute adorable cats called Yule Cats which are considered as a sign of punisher for people who don’t wear fresh clothes in Christmas. This concept was invented in the countryside for the workers to work hard before holidays to get new clothes in Christmas bonus.

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Japan is a country with just one percent of Christian population so they have to bizarrely depend on KFC to provide them whole chicken or turkey for celebration. This concept was started in the 1970s which proved to be a lifesaver for Christians in Japan.



There is no snow or chilly winters to get into the rhythm for Christmas. In their version of Christmas Kangaroos pull the sleigh instead of reindeer



Venezuela is a pure roman catholic country but it has awesome ways to celebrate Christmas. They do roller skating to get to the church which sounds like quite a fun.



Canada is always cold and snowy so the Canadians came up with an interesting tradition of ‘Mummering’ which is also referred as ‘Jannying’. They murmur and knock door to door and ask people to identify them, If they failed to do so they have to join the gang to follow their conquest. Interesting, isn’t it?

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India the multi-religious country is always ready to celebrate everything when it comes to festivals. People generally don’t get pine trees in India so they use banana, mango and any other tree in the vicinity to celebrate.

Indian people scare their child that if they don’t behave well they won’t get a gift from Santa which is a common concept and it definitely brought some manners inside us over the years.


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