Most googled ‘How to’ for 2017 – you’ll be surprised!

The most googled "How to" in 2017 - you'd be surprised!

What was the most searched for “How To” on Google this year?  Google’s annual ‘Year in Search’ reveals, to the surprise of many (including us) that what most number of people across the globe wanted to learn with Google’s help this year was How to make SLIME !!  If you think slime is something gross, or an expletive ( supported by an adequate suffix) to be used for certain people, you are woefully behind the times and have some catching up to do. Slime is a gooey substance, that looks very sticky, but is actually not so at all.  It slips through your hands, but catches your fancy.  How else can one explain why most children and so many adults are smitten enough to want to learn how to make it?

The second most searched How To was  “how to make solar eclipse glasses,” followed by “how to buy bitcoin.”  Also amongst top ten were “how to make Fidget spinner”, another toy that became a rage this year. And something that never goes out of fashion as it is a perpetual endeavor for many of us “ How to lose belly fat fast ” also made it to the top 10.

The full top 10 list is as follows:

1) How to make slime

2) How to make solar eclipse glasses

3) How to buy Bitcoin

4) How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor

5) How to make a fidget spinner

6) How to watch the solar eclipse

7) How to freeze your credit

8) How to play Powerball

9) How to screen record

10) How to lose belly fat fast

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And if slime is still on your mind (no offence! ), do look up youtube or instagram. Help is available aplenty, in case you too want to try out this DIY project.  I recommend  an attempt at fuchsia or baby blue colored slime. With sparkles. And some scent. 


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