Apple launches iOS 11.2.1, 8th update following launch of iOS 11

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Apple launches iOS 11.2.1, 8th update following launch of iOS 11

A couple of months since launching iOS 11, Apple is still finding it difficult to cope with the bugs. Apple’s latest iOS 11 has been one of the buggiest updates to hit the iPhone and iPad. Since its rollout, users have faced a number of issues ranging from autocorrect bugs to display freezing and more. The Cupertino giant has been rolling out minor updates to fix the bugs, only to discover more issues cropping up. 9to5Mac had reported zero-day HomeKit vulnerability earlier this month, which allowed unauthorised access to smart home accessories. Apple promptly fixed the issue server side by temporarily disabling remote access for shared users in HomeKit.

In order to fix the issues, Apple has come up with latest iOS 11.2.1 update, which is the 8th update since launch of iOS 11. It will now restore remote access functionality, hopefully.

The latest software update restores remote access in HomeKit for shared users after Apple had disabled it earlier this month following vulnerability reports. Additionally, Apple is also rolling out tvOS 11.2.1 for Apple TV, which features a related fix.

The new update is roughly 60MB to 70MB in size and also fixes an autofocus issue that some iPhone and iPad users reportedly faced after updating to iOS 11.2. Some users reported that they were not able to properly focus when trying to capture an image through their iPhone, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Users found that restarting the camera did not solve the issue, but downgrading to iOS 11.1.2 did. Apple has now reportedly fixed the issue with iOS 11.2.1, although the fix has not been mentioned it explicitly in its update log.

IOS 11.2 started rolling out globally earlier this month, which brought bug fixes and improvements as well as introduced Apple Pay Cash and faster wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple Pay Cash allows you to send and receive money from friends and family using Apple Pay in iMessage. This facility is only available for users in the US as of now. Meanwhile, the update also brings faster 7.5W wireless charging support for Apple’s newest iPhones through Qi-based wireless charging pads.


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