Virat Kohli spent 3 months to pick the perfect ring for his bride, Anushka Sharma

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Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma

Since the announcement of their wedding, the internet has been gushing over the newly weds, and there is absolutely every reason to. From the stunning Sabyasachi bride and groom wear to them holding their hands all throughout, we have fallen in love with this couple, also her ring.

Giving everyone some real wedding goals, from the destination of their wedding to their outfits, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma looked like a match made in heaven.

Watch their love story :

Now reports that are buzzing on the internet claim that Virat Kohli took a good amount of time to finalize the wedding ring for Anushka Sharma.

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He took 3 months to zero down the wedding ring for her. A source close to the couple spoke to Bollywoodlife and said,

“He’s picked a very rare diamond ring for Anushka that has been specially crafted by an ace designer from Austria. The design is unimaginably beautiful and reflects surprising elements, every time you see it from different angles. It costs about Rs 1 crore but it’s totally worth the money because whoever will see it, definitely wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off it.” 

Considering how much Virat dotes on his lady love Anushka, this surely hasn’t come as a surprise to any of us.

We are ecstatic to see these two love birds finally be married!



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