Attending the Lit Fest? Here are some interesting things you could do while in Jaipur!

We all wait desperately for the Jaipur Literature fest that is an annual affair. While visiting it we do plan to roam around in Jaipur and make the most of our time there.

So, we bring to you simple yet fun things that you can do while your stay in Jaipur –

Shop at our own Bapu Bazaar 

We think of a thing and it’s a guarantee to find it there. From the world famous Kohlapuris to those churans to die for, it has it all. Unleash the jewellery collector in you and buy as many jhumkas as you can from the multiple shops, while you’re there. Look for tiny shops, almost like a hole in the wall in main Bapu Bazaar to get bed covers and quilts with typical Jaipur motifs.

Eat the mouthwatering Pyaaz ki Kachori 

Gorge on Pyaaz ki Kachoris at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar – that has been selling some of the best kachoris in town since 1972. Make sure to pack some for later because you’re going to crave it for sure! The kachoris are available from 6 am till 10 pm. It definitely is a must have everytime you visit Jaipur.

Chai at Tapri 

Who doesn’t love chai?! Take a tea halt at Tapri Pratham, an offbeat tea shop that caters to contemporary tastes with a touch of tradition. Enjoy a bun maska or go for our favourite Cheese Chilly Toast with a hot cup of Cutting Ishpecial tea.

Watch the video here:

Visit Anokhi museum and cafe 

Anokhi is famous for its textile production and has a number of outlets around the country selling popular indian and indo-western attire. Take a break from shopping, even if you might not need one, and enjoy a comforting meal at the Anokhi Cafe. Made using fresh organic products grown locally at the Anokhi farm, the food they offer is both, healthy and tasty.

Take a road trip to Tilonia and shop for some unique prints

If shopping for handmade prints and products excites you, Tilonia, about 2 hours away from Jaipur – offers an array of items at a huge bargain. We all love both road trips as well as those famous Jaipur prints.

Gol Gappe’s from Chawla’ s

Chawla is very popular among the people of Jaipur for its GolGappe and sweets. If you love street food, we recommend you check this place out.
Cost: Rs 60 onwards
Where: Fashion Street, Lane 1, Raja Park

Shop for spices at Johari Bazaar 

Go on a spice trail in the popular Johri Bazaar. Smell, buy and click away the variety of spices Jaipur has to offer. Make sure to buy their famous dried red chilies.
Cost: Rs 50 onwards

Get a vintage-style photo clicked at Tikam Chand

Besides clicking photos of you through his old-style magic box camera, they will also have a number of stories to tell you. Go here for memories and conversations.
Cost: Rs 300

Go for the fest and also, have a trip around the city!


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