Interiors special: light up a room with the magic of lamps

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Interiors special: light up a room with the magic of lamps

When doing up a room or a house, it is particularly important to ensure you get the lighting right. A quirky lamp next to the sofa or a printed one next to the bed or snuggled lights falling impartially on a beautiful painting – a light can recreate magic in the same space which can otherwise look dull and stoic.

Lamps get the drama, colour and emphasis to any space.

Here’s how to get your lighting right.

 The perfect mix
A mix of lighting always adds glamour to a room. Get an interesting wall lamp and match it up with subtle wall lighting. Lamps are an opportunity to add zing to a space – whether it’s shine, colour, art or abstraction.

Overhead lighting
Overhead lighting can be tricky. Consider its size and purpose when putting one. This piece after all will be the focal point of the room, hence choose diligently. Don’t make the bulbs in this too loud. Let them throw enough light to create an aura in the room.

Mix colours
Rooms feel more layered and stimulating with a few mismatched items. The tall floor lamp in a different colour and the table lamp in a contrast can work well. Get the electric blues with greens or whites with oranges and yellows. Brings an essence of thrill in the room. Mix bases, match shades.


Choose the right lamp
Designers say that though there is no rule book to define, but, you should not be able to see the neck of the light bulb, or the lightbulb socket, from a standing or seated position. If you do, the lamp is probably too tall. The glare of a bare bulb isn’t pleasant for anyone.
So be careful while purchasing lamps. They should sync in with the ethos of the room.

Statement piece
Any piece that you buy should be unique, classy and should set in with the other furniture of the room. A piece does not have to stand out as an ugly duckling. Sometimes even the most expensive lamp cannot create the same aura which a quirky lamp from a roadside shop can.

 Decide on your style

It is very important to know what you want out of your room. What language should your room be speaking. Accordingly get a dramatic light or a beautiful lamp.

Consider scale
A giant floor lamp over a small occasional chair wouldn’t work well. However, a larger mid-century ceramic lamp base with a modern drum shade would be awesome next to a big love seat or a sectional. The same goes for tiny table lamps. If your seating is large, look for medium to large lamp bases.

Lampshade fabrics are crucial

If you like a more diffused-looking light, go for linen or burlap; if you want brighter light, stick with crisp white. For more ambiance, any fabric-covered shade will do, but keep in mind the cleaning needs of fabrics such as pleated silk and cotton. They are difficult to dust.

Place the lamp properly

Details matter! If your only electrical outlet is across the room from where the chair is, don’t string the lamp cord across the rug and in plain view. Not only is it dangerous to have long strands of cord lying around, but it looks unfinished. Don’t let the beauty of a lamp go away because of these small nuances which get missed. Be careful about electric points, location and proximity to highlighting important spaces.


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