HO HO! This year Santa comes to town with these gifts!

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Every year, each and every kid awaits the arrival of his most favourite Super Hero, Santa and now as time comes near, these are the options that Santa comes with for all the kids, this year!

Comic Books

Who doesn’t love comic books and especially, our favourite Archie! Since a while now there are several portals even online that offer comic book sets especially during this time of the year.

Buy a set or two and watch the frown on a kids face turn into a smile instantly.

Trip filled with adventures

All year round, kids await a trip where they could spend time with their parents and live their lives to the fullest. Plan a trip to Disneyland or a place where  kids have an option to play and go on swings and enjoy.

Kids love nothing more than a trip with their loved ones to a place that they absolutely love.

Goodies of their favourite food

Who doesn’t love food? Especially, the one filled with gummy bears and chocolates that kids crave all year long, but they aren’t allowed to eat it for that long.

So, its time to gift them the goodies filled with all of the things they love in food but aren’t able to eat it all throughout. Gift them happiness with food!

Super hero costumes 

It’s a long list of Super Heroes that all the kids love and its time to make them feel like they are one. The happiness of being a super hero and fighting like one is a feeling that only a die hard fan would understand.

It’s time to let kids feel like super heroes, that they always have been!

A Pet

Every kid deserves a pet while growing up. It makes them feel loved and supported. Get them a pet or better adopt it, it will make them no less than happy.

Pets are an ideal Christmas gift for all kids and it contributes to a happy and lively atmosphere in the family as well.

Sports Kit

A lot of kids just need to realize what sport they consider their beloved. So, gift them a badminton racket or skates or any sport they would prefer.

It might be the beginning of a lifetime of fun filled sporty activities.

A Library of their own

Some kids prefer to read and for them, you could get them a library of their choice and what kind of books they would prefer.

Get them a study table made inside the library so that they could focus on both their academics as well as their love for books.

So, what is Santa gifting you, this year?


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