Choose a startup over a corporate job once you graduate!

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Little did i know that professional life is way too different than those chill days in college, where the only worry was how to ask your parents for a little extra pocket money to go attend a concert.

Once we are out on the field, imagining ourselves to be Independent and all set to take over the world, there comes a lot of responsibilities and the ones that you yourself have to handle.

Now, post the completion of a graduation course, several students might prefer to study further and complete their masters course but those that wish to gain an experience in the professional life always choose a startup over a corporate job!

It teaches you RESPONSIBILITY 

Sometimes we think how can we be sent to work and be responsible for ourselves, but this is the time to do so.

In a startup, you are given responsibilities from day 1 and there are no excuses as more than that, it is for yourself. You learn and grow along with the company, you are allowed to make mistakes, while working with a startup will teach you how to stand up responsibly for your mistakes and never overlook them rather than share it with your co -workers that are somewhat sailing in the same boat.

You learn to become responsible, together!

Opportunities to prove yourself 

Some days will be where you will have to ask yourself to get up and face your issues and that’s when you will learn little somethings about yourself.

Imagining yourself as a laid back person during graduation days to becoming the person that handles all the tasks themselves, you will have a lot to prove to yourself.

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While working, you will realize that there are several fields where you never knew you might excel in, but joining a start up will do wonders for you. Sometimes, in some situations, there is no Plan B. In those situations, if you think you’re up for the challenge, it’s on you to go, ‘I can do it!’ and you’ve got your chance. You’re given ample opportunities like these and no one looks at you with suspicious eyes or feels you’re stepping on any toes. If you volunteer for it, you get a shot at it.

There is no dull day at work

Its crisis management and being there for everyone, all the time. You will see yourself working at odd hours but when the whole team is together in it, it makes it simpler. It teaches you how to work well with a team and yes, with them there is no dull day ever. During some days, you might be working very hard to make ends meet while during others celebrating it because you did what you could never have imagined.

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It’s the time to work hard and being in a start up makes you realize about your own capabilities.

The growth rate is incomparable 

What you’ll achieve in a year of working for a startup, you won’t in even 5 at a corporate office. Your professional journey will even surprise you. You’ll get rewarded for your actual work instead of getting a yearly appraisal just because that’s company policy. And there is absolutely no greater joy than that!

Inspiration is all around!

You could be just a week old trainee, but would be sitting in meetings with the boss and having to give real world contribution. It’s when the entire team understands and lets you share your creative ideas because when others do, it seems so simple so it gives a confidence boost to you, that you might have never understood that you did have.

People let you grow with them rather than trying to put you down in any way.

So, choose a start up and have an experience of a lifetime as what you learn here is what you will spend your life doing!

Make the right choice! 



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