Ways in which books can change your life

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Ways in which books can change your life

Several times, a book has able to change our lives. There is this one book that we all always remember to have changed our lives in a way we won’t ever forget, it leaves an impact.

Mostly every book that we read changes our lives in some way or another.

Here are some things that when you read a book you learn –

Belonging – 

At the very least, you will connect with the person at the other of the dialogue, the author. But you are likely to connect with much more than that: the zeitgeist, the universe, a reality that exists somewhere else or that one day could be yours. Reading is a lifeline to all else that is.

It reminds you that you aren’t alone. Sometimes it is humans that make us feel otherwise and that is when books come to our rescue. You share your dreams and aspirations, unknowingly.

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Self – Knowledge –

The most moving (and enduring) books you collect are those that become a mirror. This mirror is placed in front of you when you read something that has you nodding along and thinking, yes, that is how it is. You just found a part of yourself.

You may cry, smile, or wince, because that’s you you’re reading. You feel like you’ve been searching this whole time for this moment, but never knew that. The author has perfectly described the world (your world), or reminded you of your past, shone a light on your core beliefs, or lit up that dim hope you carry.

Confidence –

Reading challenges you. Taking a book seriously means risking the chance of finding an adversary. A book may become a headwind. These challenging books push back on everything you hold true. They make you re -think the truths that you’ve kept in your minds and the book challenges it. That initiates confidence in you about what you believe in the most and allows others to question you about the same, but you responding with utmost confidence.

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Utmost Joy –

Reading is a pleasure — it ought to be. Nobody has any time to read books you don’t like.

These are not books you disagree with or challenging ones, but just those that cannot keep you interested. Whatever you choose to read should bring you pleasure at some level. The amount of time and space that you invest in these darlings should be an investment, not a cost. The return on this investment should be some sort of joy: a joy in having experienced it, a joy in having learned from it, or a joy in having found a new friend in it.

Read what you love and it will change you forever! Books always leave their essence.

Joyful Reading, y’ll!



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