Here are some tips to make travel in Indian railways easy and comfortable!

Worried about how you will travel all night without food and a clean washroom to use?

We’ve got you covered with a few tips that will help your travel be fun rather than worrisome –

  • Bring your favourite book 

A bookworm would understand that how thrilling it is to read a book while witnessing some of the most beautiful sights outside. So, once you start reading, there is no looking back and you create a fairy land of your own, where neither does the food nor do the washrooms matter. It’s just your book and you that matter!

  • Initiate a conversation

Finding out as much information as possible about their traveling companions is the number one way that Indians pass the time on these train trips. By western standards, their questions can be quite intrusive. You should feel free to ask the same questions back. Your companions will be pleased you’ve taken an interest in them and you may receive some fascinating answers. Anyway, sharing stories with each other is one of the best gifts received to mankind.

  • Bring in your food, if you have any special requirements 

If you have special dietary requirements, bring food with you. Meals are usually provided on board most long distance trains. However, the food served by Indian Railways is hardly inspiring. Choices are limited (usually to biriyani and thalis) and don’t cater to Western tastes. Plus, the quality has deteriorated substantially in recent years. Someone from the catering department will come and take your order in advance for these meals.

  • Sleep is crucial 

Be prepared to go to bed early. Indians love to sleep when they have nothing better to do and most people will start retiring for the night around 9.30 p.m.

If you’re a light sleeper, bring some earplugs or headphones. There’s guaranteed to be at least one loud snorer in each compartment. That adds up to around a dozen of them in each carriage!

  • Keep an eye on your luggage 

Don’t leave your luggage unsecured or your valuables on display. Your traveling companions may be honest, but thieves can enter the carriages when the train stops during the night at different stations. Bring a padlock and chain as you’ll find facilities for fastening your luggage under your seat in your compartment. Theft is unfortunately common.

  • Be aware 

Remember that when you use the restrooms or toilets in the Railway stations or in the trains, flush out some water before use as these are not maintained well and mostly the people belonging to the weaker section of the society are not much aware of the hygiene and do not have much civic sense. They leave the toilets / restrooms in horrible condition which is difficult to use. So as far as possible try to avoid the use of toilets / restrooms in the Railway stations and trains to protect yourself from any kind of infections.

So, travelling isn’t that complicated anymore. Make the most of your trip now and don’t be affected by the cleanliness bit, just enjoy the journey!



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