Appreciating art through the eyes of an artist

Art has its own vocabulary, and not knowing it can be a little stupefying. If one isn’t experienced in the art world, visiting an art gallery/ museum can certainly feel intimidating at times.

The first step is to have an intention to go and see the Art. Seeing is an act that occurs only with effort; we must train ourselves to think about what meets our eyes. The eye and the mind must work together if we are to move from mere looking to actual seeing. Transcending from just gazing at the obvious visual to really connecting with the soul of the artwork should be the aim. Once we try to immerse ourselves in the visual experience, something stirs up our senses. Identifying that one emotion or feeling that has been stirred might be all that we need to appreciate a piece of art.

As our visual awareness expands, we often evolve from what we originally ‘thought we liked’. This could be because our own taste becomes more sophisticated and subtle or we start appreciating the nuances of abstract/conceptual art. Always remember; when it comes to interpreting/appreciating an artwork, there is no right or wrong. All that is required is an active imagination!

In order to enhance our visual awareness, it is quite helpful to address questions like: Who created the work of art?  Is the Art whimsical/decorative/intense? Is it cliché or common?  Does it make me disturbed/smile/peaceful? Etc. We must take time to decipher these emotions as they will help us to form a personal connection with the art. Such a connect should then prompt the viewer to buy the artwork, rather than a heavyweight signature, market dynamics etc. Art, after all, isn’t commodity to be hoarded. It is something that should inspire us every time we look at it.

And then, as we continue our experiencing art, hopefully once in a while, there’ll be a few moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the silent language of the heart.

– Gitanjali Kashyap, visual artist.

Gitanjali pursued her creative instincts by doing her Masters’ in Fashion Technology from Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi and then designing for brands like Satya Paul etc.

She forayed into the world of art and since then has been passionately creating, developing, expressing and evolving new harmonies of her perception of the inner and outer worlds at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. The artist uses geometric forms and repeat imagery as her language to put forth her vision of the real and the surreal. 

She has held many solo exhibitions and viewings of her art form across galleries.


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