‘India’s tier II and III cities hold key for female intimate care market,’ says PeeSafe

New Delhi: India’s tier II and III cities hold the key business opportunities for the female intimate care market, said PeeSafe, a leading personal hygiene brand on the sidelines of the World Toilet Day.

PeeSafe is a toilet seat sanitizer in the form of a quick-drying aerosol. It has overseen 15 percent growth in sales in tier-2 markets, like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune, Kochi etc.

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The brand has recorded 25 percent of online orders from the tier II markets.

Lack of awareness and inadequate knowledge about personal hygiene has always been a issue among social communities in India.

However, the scenario and perceptions are changing now. As a result, there is a growing interest amongst users in female intimate hygiene products.

The rising concerns for hygiene among women have caused an uptick in the demand for such items in the country.

“Toilet hygiene is an essential part of a woman’s daily lifestyle and still sees neglect from a lot of us. But, the changing lifestyles and growing awareness is creating a positive influence overall.” Vikas Bagaria, Founder PeeSafe said.

Our products are easily accessible online, women from the tier II & III cities are purchasing them without any hassles, thus stimulating the demand for female hygiene products. After all every woman in India deserves the right to live her life, her way, with dignity, he added.


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