Here are some warm and heavenly desserts that go perfectly well with the winter chill!

Winter is definitely here! All we wish to do is curl up in a blanket and eat, and that too desserts! But making them and buying them is a task we sometimes don’t wish to take but sacrifices for something you love, i.e food, are worth it!

So, we bring to you a list of the heavenly desserts that are back in action during this chilly season –

The three magical words….Gajar ka halwa

Well, well , well, these are the three words we crave for all throughout the year but here they are finally available in homes as well as the market.

Having a bowl before and after any meal kind of becomes a necessity for our mouth watering mouth and for the pleasure that we derive post that. It’s available at every nook and corner of the city, so which place is your all time favourite?

Strawberry & Mascarpone Cake

Did somebody say cake?! Yes, this is the season for our favourite berries to come and make our lives berry happy. The strawberry and Mascarpone cake is the right choice anytime, anywhere. Especially at the big chill cakery and the cakeries all across.

That light sponge cake layered with Italian mascarpone and fresh strawberries—it feels like floating in a garden.

Jalebi and kulhad ka dhoodh

We don’t really hesitate to gobble up these twisted sweets during summer, but it’s particularly pleasing to eat them piping hot when it’s freezing cold. Deep fried and loaded with sugar syrup, they make a perfect combination with warm kulhad ka doodh infused with saffron.

Gajak, Til and laddoo and Rewari

These mithais are made up of sesame and jaggery. Once you take a bite of it, its texture is such that it melts instantly in your mouth, flooding your palate with these simple, yet healthy ingredients.

It is ideal to have a bite or piece after a meal and that would even warm you body temperature post that winter chill.

So, its time for winter and chill.


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