Instagram to soon allow users to follow hashtags

London: Picture and video sharing platform Instagram will soon roll out its latest update, this time, enabling users to follow hashtags as well as accounts of their choice.

The platform, in a move to keep its consumer base engaged, is rolling out the new feature for users to find curated content more easily, thereby creating greater user engagement.

The developers noted that once the feature is in place, only “top posts and recent stories” will be pulled across, to avoid one’s feed to be overly crammed up. If the feature passes its pilot phase successfully, it is likely to be rolled out for everyone in the near future, reports The Independent.

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Recently, the company announced an update to its branded content tool, enabling creator accounts with access to insights to use the “Paid Partnership with” tag.

In a blog penned by Instagram, the company revealed that based on available data on usage of the branded content tool, businesses are gaining valuable insights and experiencing hassle-free communication when they are working in partnership with a business.

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With the update in place, creators that have access to the branded content tool will receive in-app notifications when the systems find content that falls outside of Instagram’s policy. In these cases, the content’s creator will be notified through the Instagram app and will have the option to tag a business.

These notifications are intended to make it easier to use the “Paid Partnership with” tag and educate the community on Instagram’s branded content.



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