“Yoga must not be viewed through religious angle”

Mumbai based Yoga teacher Mansoor Baluch came in support of Rafia Naaz, who has been receiving death threats, said Yoga must not be viewed through a religious angle.

Baluch told “Yoga is good for health and must not be viewed through a religious angle. I don’t think the cleric who issued the fatwa is learned or credible enough.”

Earlier in the day, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called for action to be taken against those issuing death threats to the Muslim Yoga teacher, Naaz, in Jharkhand.

BJP leader Nupur Sharma said, “It is absolutely unfortunate. Women are targeted adversely for singing song, acting in movie and now for teaching Yoga. This is a free country. Women have been guaranteed equal rights under the constitution of India.”

“I see no reason why any religious cleric should come out and either issue fatwas and in this case and in this case give her death threats,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena leader Manisha Kayande told, “I think this matter is very serious and the home ministry needs to arrest the person concerned. She is performing her duties and it is the government’s directive also to teach Yoga in schools.”

Since a week Naaz, has been receiving death threats for teaching yoga.

Muslim clerics have reportedly issued a fatwa against her.

Naaz said that she has been receiving death threats since the last three years.

She added that stones were also thrown at her house.

Naaz is a resident of Doranda in Ranchi and has been performing yoga since the age of four.

She has won many accolades and awards in this field.


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