Now AirAsia makes passenger ‘feel like terrorist’

A woman, who filed an FIR against three AirAsia staff members under charges of misbehaviour and harassment said that they made her “feel like a terrorist.”

“They were taking pictures of my boarding pass and making me feel like a terrorist. It was around 1 am and all the passengers had de-boarded but they didn’t let me go,” she said.

Talking about the alleged incident that took place on November 3 on flight I5 1585 from Ranchi to Bengaluru via Hyderabad, the woman said, “I found toilet of the aircraft dirty and complained. However, the cabin steward scolded and touched me inappropriately. I went back to my seat. My sister called me and I told her that the flight will take off in a few minutes so I am switching the phone off. The cabin steward who was standing near me frowned and rudely asked me to switch-off my phone even though I had finished the call already.”

“He also threatened to kick me out of the flight. My co-passengers supported me but the AirAsia staff at Hyderabad took his side. The captain asked me if I am going to shut my mouth for the next 1-hour flight. They even humiliated me before the police,” she continued.

The woman also claimed that a ground staffer at Bengaluru airport threatened her with rape.

“When I reached Bengaluru airport, one of the ground staff asked me to apologize to the Captain and cabin steward otherwise they will hand me over to the cops. Three of them were making a gang surrounding me and said you don’t know who we are. We will take you outside and show you what we are. It was kind of a rape threat. I don’t know who said it but I heard someone saying that we will rape you,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Airline issued a statement over the issue and said they followed the standard operating procedures for disruptive passengers.

“The passenger resorted to verbal abuse against the senior cabin crew. The senior cabin crew then managed to calm the passenger down and resumed his duties. However, the passenger continued to be abusive,” it said.

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