Interiors special – how to create the perfect winter in our homes

As the winter sun decides to come out in full throttle, it is time to relook our spaces. Warmth from the brazen cold, soft and flurry fabrics and rich textures are all set to make a comeback to our rooms and spaces. While in summers we preferred the cool and the breezy look, it’s time to bring in colours and warmth.

Here are some simple ideas to transform the look of your home this season.

Refurbish the accessories –

It’s all about cold this season and what better way than creating the softness of texture inside. Create a comfortable and appealing environment to counter the gloomy weather outside. The dullness of the weather outside can make one very low-spirited and dull. Reason enough to create the right mood inside. Decorate the house with aromatic candles. Use a lot of lamps to light up the house. Winter additions can be cashmere throws, blankets and books to create the snuggly look. Let the windows be free of clutter to allow light and the sun to come in.

Bring the colour back –
Get colour back in your life. The weather outside is already gloomy, so let the pastels and greys take rest. Get bright reds, oranges, gold, and browns accentuate the beauty of your spaces.

The light effect –
Deep and dark colours tend to make a room feel warmer. Soft lighting and rich colours will make the room warm and cosy. Use fairy lights, decorative light stands and other quirky floor/table lamps to create drama and thrill in the room. Get the softness of glow in your rooms.

Rugs and their charm –
Carpet and rugs bring colour to a room. If your carpet is not the right colour, bring out rugs in deep winter colours. Regardless of their size, these add a sense of warmth to a room with light-coloured carpets, bare wood, or cold tile. Use throws on sofas and chairs. Get the furs out.

Arty décor –

Get the paintings out of the closet. Rich tones and abstract strokes can liven up any room. Also, this is the time to experiment with your walls. Colour them in vibrant shades. Do up one wall and leave the other three nude or in white. Decorate with books or a guitar in the corner. Snuggle in for a perfect winter evening with hot chocolate, soup or mulled wine.

Barbeque brigade –

Time to clean up the barbeque machine, get the coal burning and roast up some goodies. Make your balconies look comfortable and inviting. Get rot iron chairs or high chairs with stools to match up the spread. Throw some bright coloured cushions and your abode is ready!!

Perfect isn’t it!! Let the winters bring the best in you.


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