Longing for Independence? Here are a few cues that will help you survive after moving out of your parent’s house

The millennial era has seen a surge in young people moving our for college, work, or just to get a taste of independence, and if you’re one such person, you’re going to have to keep a few things in mind before you take the plunge. It’s easier said than done, from cooking your own meals to washing clothes to saving every penny, you have to do it all.

Are you ready?

For starters, ask yourself are you ready? Take your time, be prepared to live alone. It includes learning to cook for yourself and washing clothes and even cleaning your own home. Living independently does bring in its own freedom and charm but you need to assure yourself and your psychological self first, that you’re ready. 

Of course, there will be a lot of first times and their might even be breakdowns and longings to return back to your parents but make yourself strong and learn to tackle every issue as it comes and not making it a huge task, be calm and allow yourself to grow.

Financial stability

You will need a lot of finance to keep yourself up on your two feet. Be it buying your own apartment to purchasing every tiny thing for it, from furniture to grocery.

It’s all you now. If you are going to study, you might be funded by your parents but keep searching for something part time that will also give you returns and help you covering up some expenses by yourself. If work is your focus, then plan something form the start to end by yourself and make this first step a ladder to success towards achieving Independence.

Find a roommate 

Living by yourself often gets costly as well as depressing, especially when you are far away from your parents home. Find someone you can connect with and maybe, your friend or someone who is looking for the same things as you are, making understanding each other and your problems easy.

Keep discussing your decisions with your parents

Let’s all face the fact that parents know everything. They understand us and our needs better than ourselves. So, whatever decision you take or whatever guidance you need, you know they will always be standing right next to you, to help you grow.

Even when you discuss everything, even your parents feel proud and delighted to be a part of your decision making process.

Stay strong, the world is your oyster 


You are going to be amazing, trust yourself first. Trust your instincts, they are mostly right. No matter what the difficulties, you are strong enough to face them. Know what you want and decide, do not make any hasty decisions.

Happy Independence, Independent ones!




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