Solo female backpacking in India: tips and tricks – What a trip can teach you!

It’s such a privileged leisure of life to be on a ‘no agenda’ trip for once, to just be and see and feel things around and that brought to me a lot of takeaways from travel.

Here are a few experiences that every female solo traveller will experience while travelling in India –

  • You will feel scared and that’s okay! After all, you’ve been taught all your life is to watch-out for danger so much that anything a bit adventurous can potentially scare. So don’t worry if you recognize this feeling. It’s part of what’s trying to teach you to know more than what you already do.
  • Remember they say, ‘When in Rome, act like a Roman’? Make an attempt to blend-in. Don’t stick out like a sour thumb. Try to mix with things and communicate with people around you in what is understandable culturally to them. That’s an added bonus if you can manage. Travel always has a lot to teach you!


  • Talk to locals. Smile at people and ask! Seek. If you like to explore, then talk not just with tourist guides, tourist taxis and autos alone. And know that smiling is NOT a ‘let-in’ that you are sending across to men, so don’t be afraid to smile and talk ladies! You know you don’t mean more than a harmless gesture, so feel free to smile at people.

  • The right kind of music on your playlist is important for travel. It can help guide your moods better and almost make you connect with a soaring space given a solo experience, can even make your trip feel meditative!


  • There’s always more to discover ahead if you seek it and allow. First at this moment, know it!

  • Deviating from a plan adds more fun to your trip! Setting up something random or out of the blue to your itinerary can be exciting. Just know what you’re doing though.

Happy travelling to all the first time travellers, make the most out of it!




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