‘Already here,’ says Kamal Haasan on entering politics

Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday launched a new Mobile application to keep connected with the people on his 63rd birthday.

The application would be used by anyone to expose corruption.

Kamal Haasan’s app is called ‘Maiyam whistle’. ‘The platform is beta tested. It should be ready by January’, Kamal said in a press conference. The time has come to say what is wrong with the government and ‘vociferously’, he added.

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Kamal sends a strong message to his fans as he said, “You can blow the whistle against me too in the future if I make mistake. You can correct me through this whistle,” he said.

When asked him about his entry into politics, the actor said that he was ‘already here’. He said that preparatory work was underway.

Kamal made it clear that he is going to start his own party. He clarifies it by saying, “Why are people still speculating if I will enter politics, I am here to say that I am launching a party”.

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Earlier the actor visited a medical camp arranged by Narpani Iyakkam and he appealed to all not it link the initiative with politics. He said, ‘We had an epidemic of Dengue which for various reasons we pretended is not there. More people should come forward and arrange such medical camps. There is no connection of this camp with politics”.

He added that there is a danger of epidemics but initiatives are being taken to control it.

Kamal requested others to afford their time and look for people who are suffering and help them. Given this opportunity to help the people is my best birthday gift.

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