Residents rally against air pollution in Gurugram; Join the campaign now

Delhi NCR is in the midst of the pollution mania again. The AQI has remained very poor, being consistently over 330. The air is laden with dust particles. Children and adults alike are developing respiratory problems. Nebulizers are becoming a constant feature in most households.

This is the present of Delhi NCR. A grim future yet again. A trend that unfortunately has been peaking every year now. Pollution is at its peak even as winters are yet to make an appearance in full throttle. Even a ban on crackers during the festive season has played a miniscule role in the larger picture.

Heavy construction movement in residential areas, violations of key construction guidelines, poor road conditions and unauthorised burning of waste (institutional, medical, mixed solid waste, horticulture waste), is creating mayhem for the society. The government has to rise to the occasion and create more avenues to bring down pollution levels in the city. The common man suffers with each passing day.

Attendance percentages in schools have already started going down. Kids are developing allergies, persistent cold and cough and other respiratory issues. Winters are yet to come but anti-pollution masks for children are already out. Health experts advise for people is to not venture out for jogging or exercises in the morning. Parents are unwilling to let kids be out in parks for too long too.

A future which is grim, scary and thought provoking.

A group of concerned families and residents of Gurugram have got together to create a cohort which pledges to fight for the right to protect our health and draw attention of concerned authorities to find solutions to this problem.

Citizens for Clean Air is a Gurugram based movement which is promoting the right to clean air. They have submitted an 8-point agenda to the local city administration/civic authorities which highlights ways in which measurable action can be taken.

Key solutions they have suggested:

  1. Dry Waste Collection Centres should be built in all wards/zones to stop open burning of waste.
  2. All commercial and residential construction sites should follow NGT Construction guidelines.
  3. If found uncovered, trucks carrying sand or/and construction waste should be impounded and penalised.
  4. The road shoulders should be developed on both sides of the road so that the dust from mud mounds is not directly on the road.
  5. All roads in disrepair contribute to dirt pollution. They should be repaired without delay.
  6. Installation of air monitoring devices for real time air quality checking and Implementation of the Graded Action Plan.
  7. Designating C&D Waste dumping transit points to curb the current practice of reckless dumping of debris and to avoid subsequent creation of malba hills.
  8. Undertake water sprinkling on high dust generation roads.

A problem of this gravity can only find a resolute when people come out in large numbers and support a movement. Health is utmost and the effects pollution is creating for us are mind numbing. Support the group through their link –

Let’s unite for a cleaner, healthier and better Gurugram.


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