It’s just a dog, not a human.’ Chennai student throws a puppy off the roof, plans yet another kill

In yet another horrifying incident of cruelty against animals, a Vellore student threw a month-old puppy from the terrace of his house, killing the pooch on the spot.

According to reports, the brutal act was carried out on 24th October by 21-year-old Vishesh Igneyar, a mechanical engineering student from a reputed college in Vellore.

Animal Welfare worker Shravan Krishnan  who rescued Bhadra, immediately got notified about the incident and he rushed to spot along with two of friends.

In a Facebook post, Shravan shared the message he received from the  college students who were taking care of the puppy that was killed. According to the message, “Vishesh, already had a history of torturing the street puppies by placing them at high heights and waiting for them to fall down.

Let’s all understand the unspoken words that animals say and protect them together.



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