‘Finders Keepers’ all set to take you on a rollercoaster ride full of crazy comedy

The trailer of Finder Keepers generated lots of curiosity among the Indian viewers. The anticipated trailer of the upcoming film Finders keepers recently released on YouTube.

An Indo African film Finders keepers is the all set to release on 24th of November 2017, this film is with full-on comedy with world class standup comedian Dalin Oliver the audience will not only watch this great comedian but also Neels van Brian Bekker, Lise Slabber, Grant Swanby the world known artists.

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The film is going to be released under the banner of Phoronix media and entertainment with Mates Entertainment, Kamlesh Sahu the director of Polonix media and entertainment stated that this is the beginning with Jayveer Panghaal (director mates entertainment) “we have some big plans together which will be seen soon”.

This film is full on commercial film caring the potential of in the range of HANGOVER Series. Very well scripted by Strini Pillai and directed by Maynard Kraak will hit the cinemas on 24th Nov.

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