Do away with the pomp and show; it’s time for the kids to celebrate their birthdays in a unique way!

Kids in the recent times do not wish to have grand parties where everyone is bringing and giving gifts to one another and eventually recycling the same gift for years.

There are new and better ways to make this special day a more memorable one –


Instead of people getting gifts, ask them to donate the same money for an NGO and you can collect it yourself and send it across to the NGO you are connected to or any of them around. You can give people the choice to send the money in an envelope and how much ever they wish to donate.

Then you can have a small gathering to give the child a feel of their special day as well.

Celebrate with the underprivileged children

When you treat the underprivileged children even they will be so glad to have been with you on your special day. It will give both of you the happiness of spending the day together. You could even take small treats for them so that they could also enjoy and feel lucky to be with you.

Kindness knows no age, be kind to everyone out there.


Saving is a habit that one should know since childhood. It helps in the adult life as well, so all the cash or kind that the kids receive; an amount of it should be saved and kept.

When the kids already understand about the 50/30/20 rule, life becomes easier and the financial difficulties reduce as well.

Take an informative tour

Most kids are unaware of the cities they reside in and for that there are buses like the HOHO bus available to give a tour of around the city. Parents can plan the trip accordingly and select a few places where they can want their kids to go. The birthday kids could take their friends along and have a gala time while learning about where they stay and how it is working presently.

Spend time with elders

In the busy days, we often forget that our elders are growing too and they do wish to spend time with their children and loved ones. Kids should have a habit to visit their grandparents or relatives on their special day and celebrating it together with them. Even the elders get so much happiness and when they tell their stories to the kids, the kids can relate to how times have changed too.

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Spend the day with your loved ones.

Have a sporty day

It’s time to relive those sporty days in the past. Leaving the video games behind, go and celebrate with your friends by playing the one sport that you have always loved.

There are private sport houses that organize a field for the kids to play on their birthdays. So, go for them and celebrate with the sport that you’ve always loved to play.

We wish you a very jolly birthday and think out of the box and celebrate this special day uniquely.

Hip hip hurray!


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