We bring to you a list of restaurants you can visit for a date night in town if you’re broke!

Being broke and being in love definitely is not a match made in heaven. Of course, there have been times when our pocket did not have enough money for fancy dates so we did make some wrong date night choices. You need not worry anymore because we bring to you a list of restaurants in town that will cost less than INR 1000.

Cafeteria & co.

The master chefs in their kitchen whip up amazing dishes, each one better than the other. So, if the wallet’s looking thin, this place’s hexizzas and pastas shall cater to your every foodie whim.

This place makes you want more of it every single time you pay a visit.

Morello’s/ Jugmug thela

These two gems in Champa gali keep calling us back for everything we’re craving an insane sugar fix or just want a good cuppa tea without being in a closed, typical cafe setting. Share a freakshake and bagels at Morello’s or sit across at Jugmug’s wooden benches and keep those bad jokes coming over Vietnamese iced coffee and granny cakes. You two can also channel your inner hipsters and eat Panini sandwiches.

PS: You know some dates are amazing just because you’re drinking chai and sitting outdoors.

Taj CCD/ Too mikki tapas

Right adjacent each other, one offers coffee while the other one chai. Both of these places are there in the open and turn out to be ideal for a date night, with its light snacks and some hot cuppa.

Also, located near Dhaula Kuan it makes it a central place and also easier to locate.

No vacancy café

This cafe is three floors of pretty decor, dim lighting, and fellow couples lying on couches in foodcomas. If you and bae are sheesha pros, No Vacancy Cafe has a special hookah floor for you. For everything else, they’ve got flavourful mocktails, and being in Hudson lane, you can expect the standard cheap and tasty food. We’d go for the watermelon mojito and a classic margherita pizza.

Triveni terrace café

And now our favourite open café is open till 9 pm and also, serving dinner. It is considered the best for the food it offers and also the sights we witness while chilling at this terrace café. It is remarkably cheap and we could always crave for more.

It is the time for a date now!

Do share your experiences at these cafés with us!


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