We bring to you a list of hidden places in the world that can easily be added to your bucket list!

Travel is the solution to all our problems.

We bring to you a list of the places that are lesser known around the world but are definitely worth a visit!

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand is a combination of history, legend, and beauty woven together like a magical mirage. It is home to ancient mosques and the mausoleum of the famous Tamerlane.

Also being titled by UNESCO as the Crossroads of Culture, this city exemplifies the wonders of the Silk Road. Do visit this place to view some breathtakingly stunning sights.

Huacachina, Peru 

Guess what? Huacachina has been built right in the middle of the southwestern desert of Peru; this little village is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Tourists often travel here to enjoy sand boarding and dune buggy rides across the endless sand dunes that surround the town. It makes travel adventurous and also introduces us to a place we never existed.

Marieta Islands, Mexico 

Even though you will have to get a permit in order to explore this incredible location in Mexico, but the sights make it worth it.

Everything from dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, and sea turtles call this gorgeous patch of land, home.

Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal 

The town of Sintra houses this incredible vintage castle with everything a King and Queen could ever want, including grottos, 2 lakes, servant’s quarters, a chapel, and also the incredible spiral staircase.

Socotra Island, Yemen

Like Madagascar, this archipelago broke away from the supercontinent Godwana and never looked back, becoming its own pocket of isolated biodiversity – so isolated, in fact, that many species can only be found here. So, visit this place to know about the various elements of life and species that you never knew existed.

Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

The White City as Ostuni is often called is a hilltop town that sits just five miles from the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The medieval walled city was built without a plan, and by stepping into its confusing webs of streets and maze of alleyways, staircases and arches, it’s easy to tell, but it also makes for a fun adventure.

Plan your next vacation in these hidden gems and make your time worthwhile.

Do share your experiences and tales with us!



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