Hostage situation in Warwickshire not related to terrorism: Police

London [United Kingdom] Oct 23: Warwickshire Police dealt with a hostage situation in Nuneaton area on Sunday but clarified that the incident is not connected to terrorism.

A man armed with a sawn-off shotgun has reportedly taken several people hostage at a bowling alley in Nuneaton, The Independent reports.

Warwickshire Police said they were “currently dealing with an ongoing incident” at Bermuda Park and urged members of the public to avoid the area.

They later tweeted to say the situation was “unconnected to any terrorist activity.”

A witness said police confirmed to her an armed man was holding hostages at MFA Bowl in Bermuda Park.

Pictures on social media showed a number of police cars outside the MFA Bowl bowling alley in Bermuda Park. West Midlands Ambulance Service said that there had been no casualties at the scene.

Eyewitness accounts on the Coventry Telegraph website said a neighboring soft play center and cinema were on lockdown, with customers asked to stay inside.

According to The Guardian, West Midlands Ambulance Service said it was called to the incident at 3.40 pm.

It quoted a spokesman as saying that “we currently have an ambulance, two paramedic officers, the Hazardous Area Response Team, and an emergency planning manager at the scene”.

It later tweeted that “we have a number of resources at the scene of an incident in Nuneaton. The air ambulance has now left. There are no casualties at present”.

Local MP Marcus Jones told Sky News that it was an “extremely concerning situation”.

At the time of filing this report, the hostage situation continued and there were no exact information about the number of hostages.


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