How to beat the exam blues?

We bring to you some useful tips to beat the exam stress. With these basic ideas, you can stay active, poised and more determined during your exam days.

These quick tips will not just help you to bring a lot more passion and excitement but also get rid of fear and panic.

Prioritise your tasks:

Make it your agenda to set your priorities before you actually decide the plan of action for the exam season. Exam preps have to be made balanced enough with other activities of your choice. But make sure you choose activities which lighten your mood instead of completely diverting your attention from studies.

Limit other distractions:

24/7 availability of the Internet and even casual conversations with your friends might distract you and keep you away from work at hand. A complete no-no to these wouldn’t also help you much. It’s better to set aside specific times to check and answer your messages or to quickly browse your Facebook or Twitter account.

Break it into bite-size chunks:

If you feel you are becoming overwhelmed, this may well be because you are taking on too much at one time. If you feel stressed or anxious, you can assume whatever task is making you feel (this way) is too big, break it into smaller, more manageable bits. If you are anxious about needing to write something before the end of the week, break it down so that you feel more focused. Set realistic goals one day at a time or even one hour at a time.

Work in the same location:

Studying at a friend’s place one day, library another, and your home yet another will make you super-vulnerable to distracting external stimuli. Make yourself habitual to one place, your mind gets used to the area and can rev up to actually make you want to work.

Take notes:

Taking notes while you are studying can help you remember items later. You can also use the notes to highlight new topics for your A, B and C lists. Also, taking notes makes the leaning much faster and efficient.

Go for a 10 minute walk:

While just about any walk helps to clear your head and reduce stress hormones, consider walking in a park or other green space, which can actually put your body into a state of meditation.

Watch A Viral Video:

A good laugh is a fine relaxation technique. Just in the same note, nothing could be funnier than a viral video, which you just received on your Whatsapp group. Make sure to give yourself that 2 minute laugh to get back energy for several hours.



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