Stuck in traffic during the Diwali season? Here’s a list of the things you can do!

The season of Diwali, does bring in happiness but also brings in those long hours of travelling and being stuck in traffic.

So, we bring to you ways in which you can easily pass your time instead of cursing the traffic –

  • Wrap the presents

We will have all the time in the world to decorate the gifts as and how we wish to present it to our near and dear ones.

So, we can carry the essentials that we need for decoration and do so while being stuck in traffic, of course if you are not the one driving.

  • Karaoke

This is indeed the easiest thing to do. Turn up the volume of the radio, tune in to your favourite station, and sing on. You can be anyone from Taylor Swift to Kishore Kumar. You’ll find yourself in a happier frame of mind rather than cribbing about the journey by the time the light turns green and the traffic moves on.

  • Read a book

In the busy festival days, we miss out on reading our favourite books so this is the right time!

Pick up the book that you have been longing to read and do so whilst the traffic blues.


It is even considered as a source for spreading positive vibes, that are much needed while being stuck in traffic.

  • Talk to your loved ones

It’s the season of togetherness and spreading happiness. So, while you are stuck you should better call your loved ones that often, you are willing to call but not get enough time to do so. While talking, you might even make up a plan to meet up and spend time together that since a long time you haven’t been able to.

So, cherish your loved ones and bring them together this Diwali.

  • Internet Surfing

You can very well go through sites and plan a vacation that you might be in a dire need of. There is nothing that you won’t be able to find online now, and you might even book tickets and make the vacation dream turn into reality. And, while stuck in traffic you might even make a list of the things that you are willing to do and purchase so that it becomes easier when you go to the market.

So, being stuck in traffic might even be beneficial for you in the end as you might be able to explore and do things that you have been dying to do.


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