Changes in the clothing of women over the years, on Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and the start of the Indian New Year. It is commemorated globally and the way this special occasion is celebrated has changed dramatically with the times.

Not only have the celebrations changed but even the clothing has changed over the years. We celebrate it with our loved ones and exchange gifts to commemorate this festival of lights and happiness.

In the recent times, quite a few people celebrate Diwali by playing cards and having house parties with their friends and family. During those parties, mostly women focus upon wearing a subtle traditional wear, after a hectic work life they do not focus on wearing anything extravagant.

Nowadays, mostly everyone leads a busy life and in spite of that they just want to keep themselves looking subtle and elegant.

When asked by a few women, they focused on saying that this is the time of celebration and togetherness between us and our loved ones. We just want to enjoy and live through the moment. Dressing up isn’t that important for us, even though we are quite excited to buy new clothes but even the clothes that we purchase are simple and definitely we do not wish to get ready a lot and keep it simple and sweet.

Even several designers focused on saying that traditional wear with a western twist is quiet in the good books of women. For instance, wearing a jacket over a suitor even wearing a kurta with jeans is what women prefer in recent times. Some of them even go for saarees but they also have a dhoti- saaree twist or saarees that are plain and have not much of work on them. The designers even suggest going for a suit with a palazzo, which goes perfectly well with this festival. They even suggest that during house parties wear a short kurta with pants and you’ll be good to go!

So, now we have seen that women nowadays just want to focus on celebrations and enjoyment of the festival and that’s a great change.


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