‘Will Hindus now be told they can’t cremate dead?’ asks Tripura governor

The Governor of Tripura Tathagata Roy on Wednesday said that the Supreme Court’s ban on fireworks on Diwali in Delhi is an “anti-Hindu” order.

Roy said he believes the order on fireworks was influenced by those artists and writers who last year returned their State awards to protest what they called “rising intolerance”.

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The Tripura governor took to Twitter late yesterday to express his outrage.
“First, they targeted the ‘Dahi handi’ custom, now its fireworks, perhaps tomorrow the ‘award wapsi gang’ will use environmental pollution as an excuse to call for an end to Hindus cremating their dead,” he tweeted.

The SC on Monday banned the sale of fireworks during Diwali in the Delhi-NCR region. Roy wasn’t the only one to speak against this ban, a minister in Madhya Pradesh, Bhupendra Singh, said it wouldn’t be ‘Ram rajya’ without fireworks during Diwali.

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“We talk and dream of Ram rajya. What is the point if we are not able to celebrate Diwali, the celebrations that mark the homecoming of Lord Rama from a 14- year exile,”he said.

He also said that fireworks on one day wouldn’t do much harm to the environment, and invited residents of Delhi-NCR to go to Madhya Pradesh to celebrate Diwali – with fireworks, of course.


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