This ₹2,600 device LOOK for your glasses through app

If you wear glasses then surely you might lose them and spend your precious time searching them and sometimes the drill becomes really frustrating. Well, it seems technology has something for you. A new device ‘Look’ is a simple Bluetooth tracking device designed to fit on your glasses.

You can use the ‘Look’ app to track your glasses anytime you lose them in the house or car.

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When you activate the device through the app, ‘Look’ will begin to beep. The device comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every style of glasses. ‘Look’ has a sticky back, so it can also be attached to glasses cases, or any other small item you’re afraid of losing.

Created by CEO Dafna Ariely of Israel, launched LOOK as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

LOOK is currently selling the device for ₹2600 ($40) in multiple designs and colours.

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