No case of racial abuse: Delhi Police in Nigerian national assault

Taking cognizance of the video footage of the Nigerian national assault case, DCP South Delhi, Ishwar Singh on Monday said there is no racial angle in the case and the former was beaten up on the suspicion of theft.

Singh said they didn’t have any idea that the accused was brutally beaten and they came to know about the incident only after the video surfaced.

“He had some injury, we provided him medical assistance. He attempted theft and we recovered some instrument from his possession, including wire cutter and a bunch of keys,” Singh said

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“When video surfaced, we got to know what happened. He was beaten up because of theft suspicion. There is no racial basis,” he added.

The DCP South also informed that they have identified the accused on the basis of the video footage and have arrested one in the matter.

“Nobody has right to beat him (the Nigerian national) so brutally. We have filed a case in the matter and have identified people on the basis of the video footage and have arrested one till now. Rest will be arrest soon,” he said.

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Earlier a video footage emerged, in which the Nigerian national was seen being tied to a pole and brutally thrashed by the locals for alleged theft in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

An FIR was also filled by a resident of the Malviya Nagar in which it is stated the Nigerian national attempted burglary and got hurt after her fell from the stairs.

Following this the accused was arrested and was sent to custody.


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