The much-awaited trailer of Padmavati creates synchronized ripples

If the photographs weren’t enough to start conversations, dialogues and discussions about the look of the protagonists; the trailer takes the focus to another level. The 3:28 minute trailer has immense room to carve out a niche for each of the three protagonists and create room for more.

Shahid Kapoor has the aura of a Rajput king written large over his intense, determined, chiselled and passionate self. His character will be something to look forward to. The royal grandeur attached to his persona is worth a mention.

Watch the trailer here:

Deepika Padukone is increasingly becoming a director’s delight. Her tall, powerful and authoritarian demeanour evokes interest. She is simply beautiful in those Rajasthani clothes and jewellery. Her entry definitely leaves the audience asking for more.

And finally, the cruel gaiety that Ranveer Singh emerges with. He is a winner! He has a whiff of sinister, a touch of rustic and a brutality of obsession written all over him. He is in his zone – in the skin of the character. The scene where he is seen diving into his food shows the underlying severity of his character.

If the trailer has so much packed in it – the movie is worth waiting for. Padmavati has created the stir and we are in admiration!!


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