African national thrashed in Delhi, Police launches probe

An African national was thrashed by a mob in Delhi on Monday morning. A video recording has been doing rounds which brought the incident to light.

In the video, the man is seen tied to a pole and thrashed by a mob allegedly in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. The man, whose face is covered in blood, is seen begging people to let him go even as they land blows and punches on him.

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The video shows one of the attackers catching the man’s legs and another hitting him with a stick. The man is heard saying ‘forgive me’ while those in the mob instigate each other to tie him up and thrash him. A woman in the mob is also seen hitting the man with her slipper. Another is seen shouting that he had found Rs 6,000 in the man’s pocket.

The police said they are trying to verify reports that the man was caught by Malviya Nagar residents while attempting a theft in the area. The video was reportedly shot on September 24.

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Police said that a complaint of attempted theft and trespassing had been filed by a Malviya Nagar resident. The complainant read “around 4am on September 24, he woke up to the sound of someone unlocking an almirah in his house. In the FIR, the complainant said “when he opened his eyes, the man panicked and fell down on the stairs. He was later caught by locals and handed to police”.

However, the FIR does not mention anything about a mob gathering at the spot and beating up the accused.

DCP south Ishwar Singh said, “There was a theft attempt case registered at Malviya Nagar police station in which an African national was arrested. Now that videos regarding assault on an African national have surfaced, we are finding out if the same foreigner who was arrested for theft attempt is seen in the assault video.”

Here’s the video:




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