Five apps to help you gear up for festive weekend

New Delhi: Weekends beyond the usual two days are always an icing on the cake. With the added festive fervor, many platforms providing over-the-top content (OTT) are announcing customized content to keep its viewer-base engaged.

In the current digital era, one has a number of apps to bond over with their family and friends. Originals, films and educating epic videos have taken over the catalogue to entertain video lovers. Among those which have witnessed rapid growth in user base are as follows:


This festive season, Hotstar is offering Ramayana movie for its viewers. The Epic is an animated movie retelling of the mythological story of Lord Rama and his battle with Ravan. Lord Rama, the good king of Ayodhya, must get his wife, Queen Sita, back from the clutches of the wily and strong demon-king, Ravan. He does so with the help of his brother, Prince Lakshman, and faithful devotee, Hanuman. The video is in high quality graphics.


Voot viewers can watch some festival centric video series like Navshakti Navratri and Mahayoddha Rama. The entire story of Ramayana in a film with its own unique way of storytelling will engage viewers in the epic’s spellbound aura.

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YuppTV is offering a dussehra special catalogue of offering around the significance of the festival. Youth can simply log on and enjoy the stories of good winning over evil. In today’s world, one doesn’t really get time to sit and listen to stories from elders. Next gen wants everything on the go. YuppTV is one of the options to cherish those stories with friends and family.


On nexGTv, kids can watch animated stories around Ramayana and understand the epic that is essence of our culture and the festivity in the air. Ramayana has been one series that bonds a lot of people pan India. Now available on an OTT platform, viewers have convenience to watch it anywhere anytime.


On OZEE, viewers can enjoy all the episodes of Ramayan- Jeevan ka Aadhar in HD. Years down the line, watching Ramayana on TV with family had become a routine. This festive season, with OTT apps, viewers have opportunity to recreate the golden moments.

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