Twitter tells U.S. Congress it took action against 200 Russia-linked accounts

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New York [U.S.A.], September 29: Twitter has informed the United States Congress that it found and took an action against as many as 200 accounts after they were determined to be linked to Russia and sought to interfere in the American politics.

“Of the roughly 450 accounts that Facebook recently shared as a part of their review, we concluded that 22 had corresponding accounts on Twitter. All of those identified accounts had already been or immediately were suspended from Twitter for breaking our rules,” Twitter announced in a blog post on Thursday.

“In addition, from those accounts, we found an additional 179 related or linked accounts, and took action on the ones we found in violation of our rules,” the post added.

Earlier in the day, the social media company met with the Senate and House intelligence committees, amid the ongoing congressional investigations into Russia’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential campaign, including through social media.

The above-mentioned information was also shared in the meeting.

Some of the tweets from these accounts promoted anti-Hillary Clinton stories, the CNN reports.

Twitter shut down Russian-linked accounts only based upon work Facebook had already done to identify the users, according to the CNN.

Twitter has not made details of the accounts public.


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